From Brazil to Bunbury: Dr. Monize’s Journey to Western Australia

Bunbury, a stunning seaside city only 2 hours from Perth

The journey to Australia for international GPs is one we are very familiar with at Brecken Health. Although it comes with its complexities, we have made this move a reality for many doctors who now work within our medical centres throughout Western Australia.

Dr. Monize Vargas is one of many who made this transition to the sunny shores of Western Australia. Starting out in a small Brazilian town called Pindorama (population: 17,000), Monize and her young family now call Bunbury home after successfully relocating to the seaside city.  

“I worked there (Pindorama) for 11 years where I was one of only two GPs for the community and we had to practice all types of family medicine including obstetrics and some minor surgery.”

While Monize is now happily settled in Bunbury with her husband and daughter, she admits the journey was not without its many challenges.

It’s taken two years to get to Western Australia. There have been so many steps to take, it’s hard to remember, but we are here now and very happy.”

The process is in fact filled with many steps, for example:

  • Credential certification (medical qualifications with the AMC)
  • Visa application
  • AHPRA registration
  • Provider number application
  • Finding a residency

As an operator of 20+ practices in Western Australia, we enjoy the responsibility of assisting international GPs in their journey to the West. We’re very familiar with the process, having successfully assisted doctors from the UK, Asia, South America and Europe in their transitions. Whether its legal complexities, finding a place to live or simply just support, our team can help with the process.  

Dr. Brenda Murrison, the CEO of Brecken Health, embodies the brands expertise. She is a highly experienced GP who also made the move internationally in the past.

I feel embraced by the entire team here in Bunbury, especially by Dr Brenda Murrison, who is currently my supervisor.”

Jean Paradise, our GP Relationship Manager, is also committed to providing ongoing support in all areas for doctors who are gradually making the move to Australia.

Although it comes with challenges, relocating to WA has been a rich and rewarding experience for many of our GPs. Life on the WA coast strikes the perfect balance between an ambitious, high-paying professional career and a sustainable lifestyle of leisure outside of it.

Living in Bunbury is really good, the community accepted me and my family really well. We felt that we can call it home. Bunbury is a place where you have easy access to everything that you need, yet it still conserves the environment of a small town, which I have been falling in love with.”

If you’re an international GP looking to find work in Western Australia, we are here to help!

A change in lifestyle starts with a simple conversation. Contact us today to begin yours.