We are a small boutique group of medical centres solely owned by an independent general practitioner

Our vision is to provide quality patient care and where possible under one roof. We believe that by using communication and collaboration we can provide high quality care.

We are an innovative group staying at the forefront of health technology and care.

We believe that providing the best level of care to our patients starts by building a better environment for our doctors. For us, it’s about maximising the care in healthcare – with standards and practices that are focused on patients not payments. We invest in knowledge and skills – enabling our doctors to grow and thrive in their own unique areas of expertise.

Our approach to healthcare is designed to create an environment of happiness and satisfaction – because happy doctors make for happy patients. We believe in autonomy and flexibility – allowing our doctors to manage their patients their way, helping them build up the kind of personal relationships that build trust and reassurance. Ultimately, it’s our business to ensure that no matter whether you’re a doctor, a nurse or a patient your happiness and health go hand in hand

In simple terms, we put people first – always.