Sleep Australia

Do you ….?

  • Snore
  • Feel tired or sleepy during the day
  • Wake with a morning headache
  • Have trouble falling or staying asleep Have difficulty coping with shift work
  • Cancel social engagements because you are too tired
  • Need to use coffee or other caffeine to get through the day
  • Need to use alcohol or sleeping pills to get to sleep


 Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t ‘normal’ to be tired all of the time. Of 80% of people that went to their GP complaining of sleep problems in 2014- 65% were found to have a sleep disorder.

If you or your partner answer yes to any of the above questions you may be suffering from a sleep disorder.


Why is Sleep Important?

Aside from the obvious problem of feeling constantly tired, regular disturbances in sleep lead to sleep deprivation which has a negative impact on your overall health, as demonstrated in the picture to the right.

In addition to causing issues with your physical health, sleep problems increase your risk of developing depression and make it more difficult for treatments to work effectively.

Who are we? Sleep Australia is a WA owned and operated service specializing in the diagnosis and and treatment of sleep disorders. We approach the treatment of sleep disorders holistically by offering a number of different treatment options including quick access to key specialists where necessary.

Some services include:

  • Comprehensive Home-based Sleep Studies
  • Sleep apnoea treatments- CPAP, Provent and Positional Therapy
  • Snoring Treatments
  • Insomnia Management
  • Driving and Safety Critical Medical Reviews
  • Specialist Consultations


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