Skin Checks

As Australians, we live in arguably the best country in the world and how we love our outdoors, unfortunately, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and 2 of every 3 Australians develop skin cancer.

The good news is that skin cancers can be prevented and can also be treated effectively if picked up early.

Perhaps you are concerned about a new spot or changing spot on your skin or someone else has even noted a new or odd spot on your own skin.

This is why EVERYONE who lives in this beautiful country NEEDs Regular skin checks and depending on your skin type, you may need even more checks.

Our doctors offer skin checks and are happy to examine and treat any skin spot or area of your skin that may be identified.

For more information on our skin cancer services please visit My Skin Centre

Dr Paul Hyam

Dr Paul was born and bred in Adelaide.  His medical degree was gained from Flinders University of South Australia. He…

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Dr Yulia Bazay

Dr Yulia Bazay graduated from Siberian Medical University in Russia at the Faculty of General Practice in 2004. Dr Bazay…

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Dr Sam McTigue

Dr Sam McTigue grew up in Australind and completed his medical degree at the University of WA in 2011. Before…

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Dr Candice Simpson

After completing medical training at the University of Melbourne’s Rural Clinical School and working for 4 years at the Geelong…

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Dr Abdel Ghobrial

Dr Ghobrial completed a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Queensland and James Cook University…

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Dr Nerissa (Nerie) Pecache

Dr Nerissa Pecache obtained her medical degree from the University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines. She has been practicing…

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Dr Sanet du Plessis

Dr Sanet du Plessis obtained her medical degree in South Africa. Dr du Plessis has been living and working in…

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Dr Alejandra Olgiati

Dr Alejandra Olgiati graduated in 2002 from El Salvador University of Buenos Aires Argentina. Dr Olgiati has special interests in…

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Dr Sudha Arunkumar

Dr Sudha Arunkumar is a medical graduate from India who went to Ireland for Paediatrics training. She trained there for…

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Dr Russell Wallis

Dr Russell Wallis is a born and bred Bunbury boy who studied at The University of WA in Perth and…

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Dr Sonia Ferrero

Dr Sonia Ferrero graduated from University Degli Studi di Torino in Italy in 2001. Dr Ferrero has vast experience in…

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Dr Sam Maurice

Dr Sam Maurice graduated in 2000 and has been working as a GP for more than 14 years. He has…

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Dr Vanessa Orsi

Dr Orsi received her MBBS at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais in 2005 and has been working…

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