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Circumcision services

Brecken Health Care offers circumcision surgeries, conducted by Dr Hendrik Gildenhuys, who has a wealth of experience in this area and has been a practicing GP for over 30 years.

Circumcision is a procedure that may be performed for medical, cultural and religious reasons.  While there are clear benefits, research doesn’t support routine circumcision of boys.

The procedure is done safely under long-acting local anaesthesia in boys from 4 to 12 weeks old.

As part of the procedure, we ensure proper technique and care, as well as ensuring that the benefits, risks and details of the procedure are discussed in detail at the initial pre-procedural visit.

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Our Team

Dr Hein Gildenhuys
MBChB, MSc in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, FRACGP Dr Hein Gildenhuys takes great pride in the care of his patients. ...
Dr Hein Gildenhuys