Protect yourself against shingles!

Protect yourself against Shingles!

What is Shingles?
Singles is a painful blistering rash caused by reactivation of the varicella zoster virus- the same virus that causes chickenpox.

Are you at risk of shingles?
One if three people will develop shingles in their lifetime.
As a person gets older, the risk of getting shingles and neurological complications increases

Who can have a FREE shingles vaccine?
All people aged 70 years old, with a five- year catch up program for people aged 71-79 years old until 31st October 2021. Those who are not eligible for a free vaccine can simply purchase it from a general practitioner or vaccination provider.

Where can i get the shingles vaccine?
The Vaccine will be available from Brecken health in November 2016.

If I’ve had shingles before should i still get vaccinated? 

Discuss with your general practitioner or vaccination provider. Vaccination is still recommended for those who have had shingles infection in the past. However, you should wait at least a year between an episode of shingles and having the vaccine.

Is the vaccine safe?

The shingles vaccine is safe for most people aged 70-79 years of age, including those people with chronic diseases. Certain people may be unable tyo have the vaccine, particularly those who have a very weakended immune system. Please speak with your general practitioner for advice. The most common vaccine side effects occur around the injection side including redness, swelling and/ or pain. Occasionally, headache, itching or a rash around the injection site may occure.

How many vaccine doses do I need?

A single dose of shingles vaccine is currently recommended.

For more information call and speak with one of our nurses at Brecken Health or book in to see your doctor.

You can also visit or call the immunise Australia information line 1800 671 811.


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