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OSHGroup is an Australian based provider of Specialist Occupational Health and Safety services committed to addressing Human Capital Risk Management for medium and large enterprise. We provide an end to end solution for all your Occupational Health and Specialist Medical Services from strategic planning, prevention and management through to independent medical opinions and corporate advisory.

Our specialist team work closely with you at a strategic and operational level in order to achieve optimal occupational health and safety outcomes and partner your pursuit of a safe and healthy work place.

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OSHGroup Bunbury Office Suite 4, First Floor, Greater Bunbury Medical Centre, 12-16 Vasse Street Bunbury 6230

T: +61 8 9791 5561 F: +06 8 9791 3411 E: bunbury@oshgroup.com.au


OSHGroup Head Office 202 Cambridge Street Wembley WA 6014
T: +61 8 6298 8400 F: +61 8 63801507 E: reception@oshgroup.com.au