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Our focus is your skin, its appearance and what is not working underneath – the core of the problem, to improve and re-balance the dysfunctions that cause your skin condition.

Our first meeting, the skin consultation, is complimentary and we believe it’s just as essential to the success of your skin health as any treatment plan or skin care recommendations.

Instead of just thinking about the top of the skin, the part you don’t like the look of, we need to understand what is happening within your skin to cause the top to look that way. If we treat the reason why it is occurring and not what the surface is showing then we are treating your skin at the right level. So, we start by addressing the basics: the absolute fundamentals needed for optimal skin health and  function:  Improving blood circulation, toxin drainage; cellular oxygenation and increasing your skin’s free water levels; for then, and only then, will you skin respond to specific skin rejuvenation procedures will real, true, and long lasting results. Practitioners of skin rejuvenation often overlook these fundamentals, often with an outcome less desirable than expected and, overtime, the skin returning to its former condition.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Hair reduction is one of the aesthetic medical industry’s most well-known and researched uses of light based energy. Thousands of patients worldwide have enjoyed a life without unwanted hair.  We use a superior medical grade system, the Alma Laser – HarmonyLITE IPL with In-Motion Pain Free Permanent Hair Reduction.  With less highly developed IPL machines, multiple treatments are required to achieve long-lasting results. In contrast, the HarmonyLITE offers real results in fewer treatments and is able to treat larger areas so saving you time and money in the long term.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction is suitable for cosmetic removal of excessive or unwanted hair and is also available to those patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for  management of excessive hair growth, or with  hormonal or genetic factors related to excessive hair growth or undergoing gender re-assignment.

I invite you to browse my website and call me now on 9791 7938 and begin your journey to more healthy and beautiful skin.         

Jeanette Elliott is a Dermal Therapist with many years’ experience in helping patients understand  their  skin and the conditions that  affect it, providing realistic expectations of the results that can be achieved. She is  formally trained and nationally accredited and qualified in cosmetic dermal science, and in the operation of IPL including the relevant IPL safety accreditation requirements. She is an member of Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network, and  is an APAN Registered Aesthetics Practitioner and Educator; member of Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians, and an active member of Australasian Academy  of Anti-ageing Medicine (A5M) with whom she is to undertake further education  in the area of “Healthy Ageing”.    Jeanette is actively involved in the cosmetic dermal science professional community via her role as a student assessor and mentor with the Australasian Academy of cosmetic Dermal Science.  She is located in room 8, (next to Brecken Health) Level 1.   



Within an industry which is unregulated, unfortunately not all practitioners providing these services have the necessary qualifications and training to undertake treatments with the utmost safety and efficacy. Before you undertake any treatments, you should ask about qualifications – does the practitioner have nationally accredited qualifications from either a University or an Accredited Registered Training Organisation within Australia.